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Robotic Partial / Radical Nephrectomy

What is Robotic Partial Nephrectomy ?

Robotic Partial Nephrectomy is the surgical procedure to remove of a part of the kidney which has been affected by a disease or cancer using an advanced surgical robot.

This procedure removes the malignant cancer tissue while preserving the kidney and its function. It also retains the surrounding lymph nodes, adrenal gland and upper end of the ureter.

Who needs a Robotic Partial Nephrectomy?

Robotic Partial Nephrectomy can help patients diagnosed with small kidney tumour or conditions whereremoving the entire kidney may result in renal failure and dependence on dialysis.

This surgery is usually indicated when tumour size is less than 4cm, however location of tumour in the kidney also plays an important role and surgeon’s discretion is important in making a decision about the type of surgery.

How is it different from Radical / Total Nephrectomy?

In Radical / Total Nephrectomy, apart from complete removal of affected kidney, surrounding fatty tissue, lymph nodes, adrenal gland and upper end of the ureter are also removed while these are retained in Partial Nephrectomy.

Radical Nephrectomy is advised in cases of aggressive or large tumours where renal function cannot be salvaged.

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